Using The Library

With thousands of free titles to choose from, audio books are now just a click away for members!

Just like any public library, we offer thousands of books to our members.  Open libraries have traditionally been places that enrich the mind and spirit - the Tape Aids audio book library is no exception.

Members are able to listen to or download, free of charge, books of every classification - from best-sellers to classics, mysteries, westerns, thrillers, poetry, biographies, religious literature and children's books.

There are also many popular magazines in recorded format available!

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Becoming a Member

To ensure that the audio books are enriching the lives of those that need them the most, only registered members will have access to listening to and downloading from our online library.

If you are legally blind or print handicapped and would like to make use of our online library we invite you to register with Tape Aids For The Blind using the link below.

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